Digital Rebar / RackN Licensing Guidelines

Updated: January 2019. Supercedes previous versions.

The following is provided for informational purposes only.

Please see the RackN EULA, Community EULA for specifics of the hosted services, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for compliance details.

Digital Rebar

Digital Rebar Provision (DRP) is an open source Apache 2 licensed project. The project maintains the code base for network provision services (aka scaffolding). These services provide an application programming interfaces (API) for managing the services. The project also maintains a command line interface (CLI) to help users interact with the management APIs.

By design, open source DRP is limited to the service and CLI code bases. This allows users, community and vendors to create user interfaces and content for their specific needs. Those additions are licensed independently from Digital Rebar.


Additional support and license options are available for registerd RackN users

RackN maintains extensions (content, plugins and interfaces) for DRP under one of two licenses: Apache v2 or RackN Limited Use. In the many cases that we offer support for Apache licensed extensions, we will maintain those components in the open using community processes. We select the license based on a number of factors including the licenses of integrations and difficulty of providing support.

Our commitment is that users choosing Digital Rebar are not required to purchase RackN services or support to run their infrastructure. That does not mean that everything we create for Digital Rebar is open or public: it means that we have not embedded required proprietary components into the open source scaffolding.

RackN is also committed providing a community web experience for Digital Rebar that does not require purchase or registration. This user experience is limited to by our intentional lack of information about the user.

Limitations on Free Use of Licensed Components

RackN reserves the right to limit free users of licensed components (such as the UX) based on various criteria. Starting with the DRP v3.11 release, free users are limited to 100 machines and version DRP v3.8 or later. These restrictions are lifted for commercially licensed users.

Support and SLAs

Customer support and service level agreements (SLAs) are different than licenses and handled by different contacts.

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