General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Updated: January 2019. Supercedes previous versions.

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The following information is provided regarding GDPR compliance for the RackN UX only. Digital Rebar does not connect to external websites or track user information. User accounts created in Digital Rebar are local to the endpoint.

For licensed customers, RackN offers a version of the UX that operates without external connectivity or tracking information.

General Policy: Commercial Product

RackN products are intented for commercial and enterprise use. To provide data center management functionality, tracking and information exchange with our data center are required and cannot be disabled. Users who wish to opt out of information sharing should either 1) limit their use of Digital Rebar to the open source components including the REST API and CLI or 2) purchase the "air gap" version of the RackN UX which runs on-premises and disables features that require tracking.

Web Tracking Information

RackN tracks user information to and activity using Google Analytics and Hubspot Tracking codes. In addition, the user's IP address is tracked during endpoint data collection. This information is maintained for RackN use only.

The RackN UX also leverages browser session storage to manage user session and configuration choices.

Endpoint Tracking

When the UX connects to an endpoint, it collects information from several sources including the API info call, license profile, plugins and content lists. This information is forwarded the the RackN SaaS for analysis. During the analysis, RackN automatically reviews the versions of installed components informs the operator if their systems are behind current recommended versions.

RackN monitors and stores this endpoint information. If a RackN user has been created then the endpoint information is associated with the user. If not, then the endpoint is stored anonymously. In the event of a security or software issue, RackN may use the data to proactively notify operators.

RackN User Accounts

RackN user accounts are required to activite licenses and advanced UX features. RackN uses AWS Cognito to store password and has no access or knowledge of user passwords. We do maintain name, phone and email address of users. Users are able to remove this information when they delete their account by making a request in the UX. Accounts must have a valid email address.

To minimize personal information transmission, RackN tracks user account activity by a generic UUID value

License Data and Generation

NOTICE: Once a license has been generated, it is transferred to the control of the person who created the license. RackN does not, and cannot, directly manage how this data is stored. License creators are reponsible for controlling this data.

Access to some RackN components is controlled via a license key that is stored as a Digital Rebar profile on each endpoint. To create these keys, users must have RackN UX credentials and use a API call in the RackN service.

API call will create an endpoint specific license that contains identifying information. The license metadata includes the generator name and email, contact name and email and the affiliated organization. This information is required to ensure that license ownership is trackable.

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